Passionate opticians and optometrists

Our purpose: Optimize our clients’ quality of life

Our team of professionals specialized in low vision care, travel to seniors' residences and long-term care facilities.

A dynamic and dedicated team with a qualified, one-of-a-kind geriatrics approach

Our opticians and optometrists specialize in low vision care and work to optimize the visual comfort of each client. We have partnered with more than 180 establishments to make life easier for residents and their families by providing accessible quality visual care. Our support staff thoroughly assesses and identifies client needs, in order to properly guide them to the services they require.

Our passionate team

Nathalie Raymond
Owner & optician
Director – Administrative services
Jean-Pierre Côté
Owner & optician
Director – Mobile clinic
Guillaume Côté
Administrative assistant & Customer service
Catherine Vallée
Lise Bolduc
Development Manager
Annie Ouimet
Customer service
Sara Catherine Raymond
Customer service
Dre Annie Chatillon
Dre Véronique Dion
Camille Mallegol
Dre Kim H Pham
Dr Alexandre Poirier-Lavallée
Dr Shelton Regismarianayagam
Dre Rashi Reskalla
Dre Isabelle Sirois
ZhuoFan Zhang
Richard Chamberland
Pauline Dancause
Katherine Lachance
Swany Sorel
Robin Blanchet
Louise Dorais

We are members of the
“Regard Action” cooperative

See the difference! Benefit from nearly 170 frames priced under cooperative pricing to give you the best selection at the best possible price.

Partner with RQRA

Partner with Cogir

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Although Raymond & Côté specializes in vision correction for seniors, our opticians and eye examination services are available to clients of all ages. We offer a wide range of products to suit all tastes and budgets.

Eye exams and consultations are by appointment only. It’s important to us to take the time to properly advise each client.

We are located in Blainville.
Call us and make an appointment: 450 979-7393

Our Guarantees

Our first guarantee is an important one: we pledge to make available to you a team of dedicated people who will prioritize the customer’s visual interests at every consultation.

Our customers’ satisfaction is very important to us, so our customer service is available to receive your requests, at 450-979-7393, extension 1; or at 514-946-1010, extension 1.

Three months’ support is offered on the adjustment of your new eyeglass frames and on the visual comfort of the lenses. We work with quality products and all our lenses have a one-year warranty on defects in the lens coatings, applicable to normal wear. Some coatings may benefit from a longer warranty from the manufacturer.

In the event of failure to adapt to a prescription, we guarantee that we will take back the lenses after issuing a new prescription within three months. You must contact us for guidance in obtaining follow-up care from our professionals.

Our new frames have a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Some collections may benefit from a longer warranty period.

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Mobile Clinic

North Shore: 450-979-7393
Montréal: 514-946-1010
Outside Montréal: 1-833-331-1010

The mobile clinic travels anywhere in Montreal, Laval, North Shore and South Shore.

Our Offices

38 de Vitré Street, Blainville (Quebec) J7B 1Z3
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Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Eye exams are available by appointment only.
Give us a call at 450-979-7393.